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Scorpio New Moon of Focusing Imagination with Mycena rosella

Scorpio New Moon of Focusing Imagination with Mycena rosella 23°17' Scorpio Saturday, November 14th, 2020 10:06 pm MST Welcome to this Scorpio New Moon of Focusing Imagination in Scorpio season! Where does imagination come from? Is it your imagination? The earth's? How is it dispersed, focused, conscious, unconscious? Scorpio and transformation are essentially synonyms, but such a unique word as  transformation  has become washed out and overused. Etymologically, transformation refers to 'change in shape', 'metamorphose', or 'transfigured', originally connoting 'witchcraft'. Metamorphose can be traced to the Greek morphÄ“ for form or shape, and  meta which has 3 main senses of the word: among or between, change or alter, and higher or beyond.  And very basically witchcraft refers to lady magician, otherwise also known as healer, diviner, curandera, shaman, or seer in other cultures. Fungi are one of this planet's grand shapeshifters -- thoug

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