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Virgo Full Moon of Appreciating This Texture

Virgo Full Moon of Appreciating This Texture with Pseudosperma sororium or Corn-Silk Fiberhead in 08°57' Virgo Saturday, February 27, 2021 1:17 am MST Welcome to this Virgo Full Moon of Appreciating This Texture! Happy Pisces Season! Earthy Virgo distills with purpose and uses their truest skills to nourish others. How can we pause in the stillness of gratitude before becoming critical of what could ("always?") be better? How can we step further into appreciating the moment at hand rather than incessantly looking for the outcome? The Mushroom Pseudosperma sororium , a.k.a. the Corn-Silk Fiberhead, is a fiber cap mushroom (mushrooms whose caps often appear fibrous). These mushrooms are the reproductive structures of the mycorrhizae that can form relations with a wide range of plant families across the world. Pseudosperma species can grow in diverse habitats, from lowland dunes to tropical regions and the arctic. Many of the morphological features of these mushrooms are ve

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